Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why “YES” for Yammer?

Two days ago, I have conducted my first coaching gig and one of the lessons which I have learned is, that people love to hear real examples and stories from the life.

After one and half month spent in the super cool community of Capgemini on, I cannot imagine any working day without being logged into Yammer.

Here is why:

1. Interactions with top CXOs of the group are on daily basis. Thanks to Yammer any “level” boundaries have been erased. Only thing which matters is the will to freely share content you carry in your head, contributing to discussions and to helping each other. Truly high spirit and energy are in our fortune. (*FREEDOM*)

2. Desktop application will feed you with posts of the followed people and with blink of an eye you can get involved into experts conversations. Before unknown topics to me, like Cloud computing or Agile are known thanks to Yammer. We are never done with learning and the fact, that everyone can teach you something new is demonstrated on Yammer in every Yamm.(*MODESTY*)

3. Sharing rocks! Various groups are attracting likeminded people. Group about Delicious bookmarking, will enable you to see what other people find worth to bookmark. Amazing source of information, if you will spare few minutes to join the group and add Capgemini-ers to your Delicious network. Amazing food for the hungry, eager to learn soul. (*TEAM SPIRIT*)

4. Not only knowledge sharing, but also building super cool RELATIONSHIPS is enabled via Yammer. Extending network to Facebook friendships or following on Twitter is very precious sign of trust. (*TRUST*)

5. Getting replies on emails instantly when referring to Yammer. Last week my colleague seeking for information for proposal, asked me, “How come, you have got email from the person so fast? I was trying to contact him for few days already and didn’t get any response yet?” Well, that is the magic of Yammer and relationships. (*HONESTY*)

6. Highlighting existence of the local office within 90,000 plus employees group is valuable addition, which Yammer provides to its users. I bet, that if you will inquire on the Yammer about Capgemini Slovakia, they will know, who is ambassador, some of them will be even able to greet ‘Good morning’ in Slovak language. Again, thanks to being part of the Yammer community. (*BOLDNESS*)

7. And you know what? It is great FUN, while getting better. (*FUN*)

The above listed, value adding items are very brief summary why Yammer is great tool for company’s worldwide boundary free cooperation.

Moreover, all is aligned with Capgemini’s Seven Core Values: Honesty, Boldness, Trust, Freedom, Team Spirit, Modesty and Fun.
(Believe me, this was coincidence, the way content of the blog has fit with it. It was not my intention, but it worked out amazingly!)

Stay hungry, stay foolish, join Yammer.



Nikhil Nulkar said...

Brilliant post! Really loved the way you have aligned Yammer with our Capgemini Values! :-) Excellent!

Super cool stuff! Keep it up!

Kulay Langit said...

Looking at posts like this, I wish I had half of my beautly less and 1% of your inspiration more...:-D

Baaje said...

Awesome post, You ROCK :)

Ivana Sendecka said...

Thank you, Guys! Blushing, staying modest and following my bliss as always. cheers, i.

Alexander G.H. Koenen said...

Great use of our company values that may have become a little dusty over time, however you proved they are still alive and kicking! If Yammer is really that fun to use (people actually like using it) and easy to use (you are signed up in a minute) this might be a real gem for sharing information, thoughts and opinions. One thought though: how would you call a "Yammer-User"?

Ivana Sendecka said...

Yammees = Yammer users
Yamms = Yammer posts:-)


Unknown said...

Yammered ideas/memes = yamemes?

Ivana Sendecka said...

:-) interesting, Nigel:-)
i will post it on Yammer i guess, to hear the voice of the people:-)